Possible future developments?

This section describes possible changes to the draft to the short of time.

wifiSecure Wifi point

Functional description
To create a secure 1-click ultra wifi point.
Ideally should work everywhere (even on vacation)

Technical description
Based on server + hostapd dhcp + ap-hotspot

Disadvantage : the Raspberry has no Wifi. (use a competitor to the Raspberry?)

anti-virusAntivirus Web

Functional description
Anti-virus filtering of attachments on the websites and emails
Possibility to plug a USB key or on external hard disk for the scanner

Technical description
Squid + ClamAV (requires more powerful than Raspberry pi control unit)

cloudPrivate personal cloud

Functional description
To securely store personal data directly on a hard drive connected to the housing. You can access its data from the outside with strong authentication (phone + password for example)

Technical description
Cloud private type own-cloud + disk encryption-mobile applications

mailSecure messaging

Functional description
Allows access to its personal e-mails of more securely than offer the giants of the WEB.
It stores emails home way encrypted Pavlovic avoid up to be spied on for example.

Technical description
Mail server + web interface (type RoundCube) + encryption