The threat : Internet is full of unwanted and sometimes dangerous content.
The answer : Filter the websites by category

The threat We are increasingly invaded by advertising and sales tracking.
The answer : Block advertising

The threat : Our business on the internet is becoming more public and monitored.
The answer : Surf anonymously

AdultFilter the websites by category

Will block the websites accessible at home based on predefined lists of categories: sites for adults & pornography / Weapons and violence / illegal substances & drugs / Websites / games Phisihing & scams / sites containing malware or virus / shopping sites ... etc ...

These contents are generally allowed or blocked throughout the house on all devices. You can create exceptions for certain internet sites.

One can of course disable blocking at any time.

The idea is to control what will be accessible from the house for the children but also off a whole list of websites deemed as hazardous to your computers or to respect your privacy.

Stop-PubBlock advertising

Lets protect against advertising increasingly intrusive into privacy.
Blocks most of the tracking services that store and analyze our habits on the Internet. Prevents websites from being too intrusive with our personal data. Cleans Web pages popups and annoying advertising banners too. Speeds up browsing by reducing web pages.

This blockage occurs just as an option to activate or not.

We will pay particular interest to not filter out intrusive ads. We must not forget that advertising helps fund many internet sites. We do not desire the death of internet advertising but just respect the privacy of users.

Surf_Anonymeanonymous surfing

Lets you surf the internet more anonymously and leaving the least possible traces. Hiding our IP address on the Internet. The solution is based on the now famous TOR network. It will go through the TOR network by activating an option. Without needing technical knowledge or need to install a special program on his computer.