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Today, it is essential to know to protect themselves against the many threats that may present Internet. Spam, hacking, espionage, viruses, targeted advertising are terms we hear more and more frequently.
It is not necessarily known what they mean and especially how to guard against them.
It was only after being victim of an attack that we become aware of the threat and decide to protect us. Of course there are already ways to combat these dangers but of good technical computer skills are necessary.
The multiplication of our connected equipment makes the installation of a difficult global security solution and unfortunately expensive.

The SentyBox project aims to make accessible to the general public a solution for secure internet access at an affordable price and mostly with ease.

The SentyBox project takes the form of a small box to install at home next to his Internet box.
It offers a variety of features to secure its domestic network. The whole is controlled remotely from a mobile application that enables or disables the protection with a single click.

Here are the main features:

This project is currently in phase of realization. There are already functional prototype of the housing.
Our goal is to educate users on the topic of computer security and raise awareness to all of the importance of web threats.

We are listening to your opinion to help us to live this project.
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Frequently asked questions:

What are the features of the housing?

What are the advantages of using this case?

How to install? How to configure it?

How does this case (the heart of the system)?

What are the possible evolutions of the project?

Who are we?

The prototype

Prototype SentyBox

First prototype of the SentyBox housing