How it works ?

This safety case is based entirely on open source solutions recognized by the community of computer scientists in the world. The architecture and software presented here are not final and the project will evolve based on your feedback and our work.


What's in the box?

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What's in the box?

The hardware part of the case is based on the famous désormai:


This little card is a mini computer in its own based on an ARM processor (much like those of smartphones). Its operating system is Linux and is already used in many professional IT security solutions. The enthusiasm for the Raspberry Pi is global.
It is found in many recent technological projects.

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The software part runs on the Linux distribution Raspbian.

It uses two main technologies:

The DNS server does the filtering of internet sites (domain name). It is based on an SQL database containing the sites to block.
The proxy server as to her acts of INTERIM between home and internet. It inspects Web pages and cleans the most intrusive ads and components that track your personal information.

All internet requests pass through the home box. It will indeed replace the DHCP server of the house to force all traffic to pass through it.
Each access to a website (1) it verifies that the site name is allowed or not in its database (2) then apply a specific treatment to clean the web pages of advertising and tracking (3).
Finally it forwards the request to the Internet (4) or digital network (if anonymous mode is activated)



Our solution will offer regular updates of the databases of the listed websites and advertising filters.